Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Thank you, Jon Bois, for "17776."

Am I capable of writing something that hits the way 17776 by Jon Bois hits?

Can I affect people in any similar way? Can I imagine a journey like that? Can I play with form the way Bois and his editors did to tell this story in multiple ways: words, images, video, music, and more?

Without saying anything about the content of 17776, I can say the story reminded me of outside-the-box strips by xkcd, especially its epic "Time." And yes, I mean "epic."

17776 is challenging, sprawling, and transformative. I wanted to note that. And to imagine how someone could build on that.

I love football, but this is worth it even for those who don't really know or follow football.
Tags: fiction, sport!

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