Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's always That Job.

My dreams last night had some new imagery. Me riding on a city freeway with my cousin Max, her driving and me navigating, until I had us pull off onto a ramp that turned out to be unused, increasingly moss-covered and steep until it was almost vertical (Max was not happy about that); I also visited a pinball arcade you had to enter through a water-filled airlock, as if it were underwater.

But a key part of one dream was a repeat, a very specific one: I was back in the office of my job at the construction company I'd worked at from 2009 to 2011, and I came back to do two things: 1) get something (my waking self couldn't tell you what) and 2) avoid being seen by my old boss.

(Later I left the office, knowing I'd need to come back because I'd left a bag lunch in an office fridge.)

I've had this dream before. More than once. Based on a job I lost six years ago. I've had longer jobs. I've had other jobs which were frustrating: for reasons related to That Boss, it was sometimes hard to do my job well. I'll brag on myself: I still, mostly, did that job well. But I don't list this boss as a reference for other jobs. I think he'd give an unhelpful one.

I'm no longer in touch with anyone who still works there, though in this dream I ran into people who were sympathetic to me and whatever I was doing. To those people, thank you. But I'd like to have dreams about something else.
Tags: dreams, work

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