Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

103°. And that's not all.

Portland hit 103°F today. Portland is forecast to be warmer tomorrow.

The entire Pacific Northwest is having weather warnings, due to heat and due to fires related to that heat plus how dry we've been. British Columbia, that particular part of America's Hat, has a lot of fires right now. So do Washington and Oregon. Heat and haze. Difficult enough on their own, possibly dangerous combined.

I've been lucky, for a relative value of lucky: I didn't have to go out today, so I didn't. Lots of water, enough food (though I had nothing today that I cooked today: cool foods seemed a good idea), and mostly staying in my mostly-dark bedroom.

This heat will break. I'll hope the fires soon get controlled. And maybe tomorrow (morning) I'll brave the outside,
Tags: portland
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