Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How I handled Portland being 105° yesterday.

I survived.

The high Thursday was 105°F. I knew I'd be uncomfortable, at least, staying at home, so after having the front door open for a bit in the morning (the temp inside the house dropped two degrees!!) I got out. I took advantage of TriMet, which has been having technical issues, waiving fares for Thursday (same as it did Wednesday), and got around in air-conditioned buses to air-conditioned places.

The neighborhood coffee shop I went to first doesn't have AC, but it was early when I went there (the owner planned to close early anyway) so it wasn't bad. Then I bussed to the Woodstock neighborhood once that library branch was open, as my next stop. That was midday.

On a whim, since the 75 bus to Milwaukie goes through that area, I next got on that bus to visit that small town. I was last there a couple of weeks ago for a job interview. I didn't get that job, but it's not like I'm banished from Milwaukie, and its downtown is cute. I ate late lunch at a soda fountain that's been around since at least 1960, when then-Sen. JFK stopped there during his Presidential campaign. I didn't sit in the seat he'd sat in. Maybe that would've been presumptuous.

I then hopped on the Orange Line MAX to go downtown, first to the library's Central branch. Admittedly, I sat in a room where people are allowed to talk quietly, but a few guys in the room were getting louder and louder. Then they started watched a video clip at full volume. The one mitigating factor was that it was a Robin Williams standup routine; the exasperating factors (plural) were that the guys were repeating lines and it was getting more profane than I really wanted to hear in public at that moment. Feh. Guys, you're never going to be funny just repeating what a comedian says. (I know, it's a way to appreciate the joke. It can still be annoying.) As I got up to go somewhere else in the library, I saw a library staffer heading back to the room to tell those guys to be quieter. I wonder if they got louder. I didn't stick around to check.

Before heading home, I got out to Sequential Art Gallery (also AC'd!) to see works by local artist Ron Chan, whose work includes comic adaptations of Plants Vs. Zombies and Felicia Day's The Guild. Fun art, fun crowd. And then home, via MAX and bus.

Today we should — should — stay in the mid- to high-90s. We're forecast to be in the Nineties for at least a week, but double digits Fahrenheit is better than triple digits Fahrenheit. And the haze, while still bad, doesn't seem as bad as it was 24 hours ago, but it's still a bit of a headache.

Anyway, I functioned and didn't melt. Hoping you are the same.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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