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By yesterday evening, I was cranky. Partially a byproduct of the heat and haze (though yesterday's haze wasn't quite as bad as Thursday's haze), and partially because I'd tried to see if I could keep the house from getting as hot as it had Thursday, a day I was mostly gone from it. I didn't. In fact the house on Friday eventually got up to 89° Fahrenheit, one degree warmer than it got on Thursday. Friday was, in a bit of relief, slightly cooler than Thursday (mid-to-upper 90s! Not triple digits!), but I'm guessing the house was still holding on to some of that heat, so I hope the house can get cooler as this heat wave lessens. But yeah, I was cranky.

What I had to tell myself: It's not anyone else's fault that you're cranky. Good reminder to not take out my crankiness on other people.

This morning, as I did yesterday, I opened the front door, taking advantage of the cool air we have for now. The house this morning started at 81°; now (I just checked), it's 76. During this, a neighbor cat thought the open door meant he could visit inside, so eventually for a little bit I closed the door until he went away to explore elsewhere. Don't get cranky with the local pets either, Chris.

I should have gone out yesterday. Exercise and interaction and simply seeing other places than one particular house would have helped.

And thank goodness that, for now, it's cooler.