Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I try to be the friend who will help you pack.

(I meant to write this last night.)

Moving sucks. I know that. I like helping it to suck less.

A family I know is in the process of moving from Portland to a house in a small town near Roseburg, about four hours south of us. Logistics meant that two-thirds of the family are already down in Central-Western Oregon, while one of the members is taking care of things that require him to stay in Portland until just over a week from now. They had to have their North Portland house unpacked by around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. I got up to the house a little before 1:00 and stayed there past 5:00 — we felt relieved that the 5:00 deadline wasn't set in stone. (I cracked that a party was scheduled for 5:01.)

We did it. The family's remaining stuff got into the U-Haul, and by Wednesday morning the U-Haul made it to Central-Western Oregon. I'm glad I didn't have to do that drive.

I'm also glad that the friend who I was helping let me take a brief break Tuesday afternoon, and stay in the laundry room with two of the family cats. They were being kept in there to stay out of the way (cats are no help when moving) and to stay relaxed, which, luckily, they were. I hope the cats liked me. They definitely liked me petting and scritching them.

It was a long trip home, but reasonably direct for covering so much of Portland (just one bus transfer). I stopped for Thai food on the way because I wasn't sure I was awake enough to make dinner for myself by then.

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