Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How I've been social: friend, family, and baby

I've seen people! People who know me! People who know me and like seeing me!

Monday I had lunch with my friend since 2010, Mary-Suzanne. She'd recommended I try Mad Greek Deli, SE 18th and Burnside, and now I've had the place's fried chicken and seasoned potatoes. I'll have more there: a lot of its food is good, plus they're another place that shows Portland Timbers games. It has a Timbers mural signed by both Timber Joey and the team's original human mascot, Timber Jim (retired now but still around). I'm glad I liked the place. And I'm really glad I could sit down for two hours with Mary-Suzanne; that's the longest talk we've had in a while. She knows more about me. And still likes me.

A family visit then happened Tuesday. After I bussed to Old Town Sherwood, which is the farthest southwest that TriMet goes, Mom picked me up (from the Sherwood branch of Sesame Donuts, a small local chain I like) and took me to see family at Mom and Dad's place in Dundee. Which is where my cousin Neil, his wife Jess, and their 10-month-old Jacob then arrived! (The exclamation point is because I'm excited I got to see them, not that I'm surprised to.) They live in the D.C. area; this is their first trip west since Jacob was born. There were 11 of us, from the Walsh and Nelson sides of my family, having a nice visit and a nice rib dinner Dad made. (Other family members made and brought potato salad, fruit salad, and beans. It was all good.) Jacob liked us and we liked Jacob. And Jacob only occasionally looked dubious, but he looked dubious in almost every photo I took of him.

(Pictured: Jacob, his father Neil, and my dad, on the deck at Mom and Dad's house.)

I also was social with goats. Wednesday night I went walking, reading a book and picking up the free weekly papers. Eventually I stopped at the Belmont Goats, and went in two different times: regular gate hours, and a little later the no-kids hours the owners of the here now host on Wednesday evenings. Teens and adults wandered the site and sat near the goats' main shelter; the goats clearly knew they were getting closer to dinner, and we're getting more and more excited for it. I stayed there until after the sun moved behind the trees, on its way to setting, then later walked home. Also, in between my two times visiting the goats last night, I talked on the phone with rafaela. I behaved and got away from other people, so I wouldn't be the jerk having a phone conversation all these other people can hear.

Today's been a quiet day. I haven't been social yet, but maybe that could change...
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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