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"Logan Lucky"

I was whelmed by Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's 11. I thought it was OK, but it didn't do much for me. Of the relatively few other films by him — and he's prolific, so there's a lot of them — I have liked the others I've seen, the sad and trippy Solaris remake and 1999's Out of Sight. And since Soderbergh is a filmmaker who relaxes from making movies by making other movies, I've seen his work elsewhere (he shot a key sequence in the first Hunger Games). There's plenty more by him I want to see.

And I, happily, liked and enjoyed Logan Lucky, his latest heist film. (He's done at least four, after all.) It's low-key and charming, and has moments of unexpected comedy and then unexpected poignancy. In it, two brothers — a limping, just-fired construction worker played by Channing Tatum and a one-handed bartender played by Adam Driver — implement a plan to steal money from Charlotte Motor Speedway. They assemble a team, plan for contingencies, deal with unexpected changes, and...that'd be giving too much away (though there's a moment with an unexpected math-and-science lesson that made me laugh). But for me, the charm of the team improved a lot on Ocean's 11. I liked them.

The member who especially surprised me is Daniel Craig, who plays safe cracker Joe Bang. Craig gets to be energetic and weird in a way James Bond doesn't allow him. His energy here makes me wonder: What would Daniel Craig be like in a film directed by Terry Gilliam?

Anyway, Logan Lucky: not earth-shattering, but fun. And a nice reason for me to revisit the Roseway Theater, which I haven't been to in years.


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