Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Under a blanket of ash-filled clouds


Most of the Portland area is saying that. The Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge, near Cascade Locks, is huge and dangerous AND ALMOST CERTAINLY MAN-MADE, because people are idiots. And that's only one of many fires in the Pacific Northwest right now. I'm nowhere near where people have had to evacuate, but the Eagle Creek ash and the smoke has reached the Portland Metro Area. (At least it's not volcanic ash, huh? DON'T DO ANYTHING, MT. ST. HELENS, YOU HEAR ME?)

It was already going to be a hot day — this should be the second-to-last day of our latest heat wave — and the fires have added a layer of discomfort, plus a sun that's ranged from bright red to dull red. I've stayed inside all day, because I didn't need to go out and I didn't want to. I spent a little time in the basement, even. If I had ice cream at the moment, I'd be eating it from the container.

I say, blergh. For the record.

Um, stay unburnt...
Tags: portland

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