Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I don't need an airlock, just a shower. (Smoke-flavored walks in SE.)

In through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth...

I went out today for the first time (and the second time) since Monday. Yep, Tuesday I stayed in the house, leaving the ashy, gross air from the fires outside and managing to be comfortable enough inside. Mainly, honestly, I didn't really want to be around anyone. This was probably good self-care. But I wanted to get out today.

Two trips, both decent length. In the morning I went past the nearest library to drop off a couple of items I'd borrowed (the fun new book Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way and the impressive horror film Hellraiser). Treated myself to breakfast at the SE 82nd IHOP. And I watched the sun, when I could see it through the clouds and the smoke layer.

Grocery run to Freddy's after that, then more home time and lunch. Then out again, though I didn't take pictures this time. Air quality was worse this afternoon than this morning, but it seems — seems — better than yesterday. I hope so. Back to the library, for reading and time on a desktop, then after the library closed, a zigzag walk to Lents (via Lents Park, the bike path along I-205, and a brief visit to the Zoiglhaus restaurant-bar). I was in the mood to visit the Belmont Goats. The goats were in a manageable mood, too.

Both trips, I was very careful to breathe in through my nose. I hope the filtering it does helps.

Back to the house, feeling relieved that it's cooler and maybe less ashy than it has been. Still, a shower sounds good.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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