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Chris Walsh

"To Wrongly Justify," 8/23/2017-9/9/2017

To Wrongly Justify
by Christopher Walsh, 8/23/2017-9/9/2017

...What if I didn't know I'd lied?
What if I'd lied enough to hide the lie?
Buried the lie in a pile of other lies
I'd provided myself:
-----— You're not like other guys;
-----— You're more "woke" than other guys;
-----— YOU'RE a better guy.
...Had I built up lies?
Had I thought how to self-justify any acts of mine that could trouble,
-----That could harm,
-----Other people Not-Me?
What if I'd thought I'd be Right no matter what?
Does my righteousness rise to the point of self-righteousness?
What if,
Like too many of my fellow fellows,
I'd ply lies, plus elide
That I'd,
-----If I could,
----------Be unfair,
----------Take a wrong advantage,
----------Treat others as a prize I had won and could use?
That is true of too many guys.
...Can I try
Not to be one of the Too Many?
Can I whittle down the size of too many guys' entitlement?
Can I starve that entitlement until it dies?
And can I walk the walk that leads to
No longer hiding behind the self-justifying lies?
Will I not "let it slide"?

...We guys can be better.
And I believe Kai.

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