Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Mon Calamari swim to beat the heat. Sounds like a good idea.

In Portland and plenty of other places, and in a way that seems appropriate for this year, the summer is not leaving without a fight.

Supposedly this is the last stretch of heat before it starts to consistently feel like autumn here — we're forecast to get rain Sunday, which should help that — but it's definitely hot. I was out in it, on what turned out to be a longer-than-expected walk. I'll say later what I was out for: I feel saying so now would possibly jinx something. I'm being superstitious, I know.

I'm at PDX, Portland's airport, taking my time eating what I'd initially considered late lunch but which turned out to be early dinner (timing), and a benefit of taking my time is that I should have more shade and cooler temps as I head home.

It's true: I'm ready for fall.
Tags: peregrinations

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