Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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For Halloween the 1st

Crying tears of candy corn
When hating on that sweet treat's borne
By those who're sadly left forlorn
From errant tasting (sharp, like thorn?)
Of unexpected peppercorn
— No! NOT a flavor, I have sworn —
But some won't eat it once they're warned
As it's a texture, to them, that's worn
So if you scowl like Michael Dorn
At bowls and bowls of candy corn
You can, from L.A. to Cape Horn,
Stick one of them on the forehead of one of your many My Little Pony figures and pretend it's a dual-point unicorn.

...yeah, I like candy corn, and I also won't force candy corn on anyone who doesn't like it. After all, more for me...

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