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The past week, partially recapped

The week that's now ending? I got off to a hobbled start. Sunday evening, what I thought was me being nervous because of sports — Portland Timbers playing for a playoff position, the Seahawks trying to beat the Giants — was more likely mild food poisoning. I dealt with the feeling by walking, partly also to give one of the housemates a quiet evening, but I got back home earlier than I'd planned when my body said yeah, I have stuff that's going to come out one end or the other, and I want it to come out of one end. Luckily, relievedly, it came out the easier-to-handle end. I DID NOT THROW UP.

But Monday was my day for getting over that. Staying home, even taking a bath (for almost an hour!), eating what I felt I could eat.

Tuesday, I felt better but tiiiiiiiiiiired. So I had a quiet day again. At one point I brewed both a cup of hot tea and a cup of iced tea, because both types sounded good and I wanted to use more water from the electric kettle than I'd use for a single cup. But I felt better enough to get out for a walk, and spend time that night in the Holgate library branch, the nearest library to me.

And Wednesday, it was good that I could sleep in because I did. After that, more library time (the Woodstock branch, the next-nearest branch to me), followed by visiting the dog run in Woodstock Park in the same neighborhood. I was in the mood to see, and visit with, dogs. I mean, more than usual.

I was more productive Thursday: a long-needed haircut (I'd last gotten a cut in early August), and more time visiting the Woodstock neighborhood. And Friday, I finally got back to Fright Town!

That wasn't everything, but that's what I'll share for now.