Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Maybe this entry is boring, but I don't care

Wednesday, I got out of the house because I wanted to for the first time since my cold. Tuesday I'd gone out because I had to, to renew my driver's license; I could have and probably should have gone walking again Tuesday afternoon, but I didn't, and napped and otherwise took it easy instead. Wednesday I wanted to rectify that. Simply to a library and back, the Woodstock branch, which is about 35 blocks from where I live. A decent-length, and manageable, walk. Plus I got around to filling out my ballot (I voted on one thing, a bond initiative; really, that was the only issue on my ballot, BUT I STILL VOTED) and then dropped it off in the library drop box. I immediately felt more productive doing that.

And feeling productive as I get over this sick: a helpful feeling.

(Oh: I'd planned this to be a scheduled entry published Thursday morning, but before posting I'd lost the edit to the day and time which allows that to happen, so my post looking back on Wednesday published on Wednesday. Yes, now this entry is even more boring.)
Tags: peregrinations

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