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I'm noting this in my journal because it's good to remind myself: it helps me to walk.

I mean, I know this, but I can reinforce this.

Today, I walked from the house to my previous neighborhood. Right past the Sellwood House, the converted church building where I lived from 2002 to 2014; I even ran into a former neighbor, still living there and still doing yard work for the landlords. From there I kept going until my first stops, at Books With Pictures comic shop and the SE Division location of Pine State Biscuits, a total of — let's check — 4 ½ miles.

That's when I switched to the bus: the # 4 to N. Mississippi, to run an errand at Bridge City Comics, where I have my pull list (the comic books I've already ordered, ensuring that the store will definitely sell those issues), then (after a walk to NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) the # 6 to the # 14, to my last errand at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer. Then one last bus-and-a-walk, to get back to the house. Somewhere above five miles on foot: I did that.

I will often be walking, even in the winter when the weather may suck.