Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yay! I'm less likely to die!

My neighborhood's crosswalks have been getting work. For weeks, the sidewalks at a few different intersections at a time have been blocked off, torn out, and (eventually) re-poured, with the bumpy yellow pads installed that make it more obvious you're a step away from the road. The intersection nearest where I live, specifically the part of the sidewalk I use the most often, has been getting that work. And more of that work. And more. It happened slowly, is the thing. It meant I needed, for weeks, to step into the street, an east-west arterial, to get to the part of the sidewalk not getting that work.

Of course I'm a very aware pedestrian; I'd do this carefully, looking all the ways a car could come from. (At some level, I worry that maybe, somehow, cars might fall from the sky like the Magnolia frogs. Still hasn't happened, and as long as I don't stumble onto a film stunt while walking I'll probably be fine.*) But I am happy and relieved to report that, while the asphalt right around that curb isn't yet back in, the actual curb part of that sidewalk is finished and available for walking. A little more protection from traffic! I'll still be careful.

* This aside brought to you by my recently watching The Road Warrior, plus watching some of the behind-the-scenes footage of people on that film getting hurt doing Those Stunts Oh My God Did You See That How Did No One Die...
Tags: peregrinations

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