Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Crud Lingers

I'd thought I was better.

I thought this enough that I had an active day Monday: bussing down to a bank branch and the Krispy Kreme south of me, treating myself to doughnuts and coffee, then heading up to the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer. There I got my flu shot, briefly looked at boots on sale since I want to buy new ones soon, and bought groceries. Usually I shop at the Foster Freddy's within walking distance of where I live, but I went to the one that's farther away because it had stuff in stock that the Foster Freddy's doesn't.

I also thought this enough (that I was better, come on this isn't "I Can Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)," you can follow this) that after putting my groceries away, I got back on a bus and went downtown to briefly visit Kaebel Hashitani and Merrick Monroe's Sequential Art Gallery for its November show. Art by Portland's Lukas Ketner, mainly from his violent mythological comic Kill the Minotaur. Yesterday was a good day for me to go to it (I'd not gone to First Thursday or to the gallery's Saturday hours), plus it felt good to get out.

Until last night. Argh, sometimes even a cold wants to stay. My voice lost a LOT of its force last night. Getting to sleep was a pain, and I wasn't sure if I would get to sleep. I did, finally, thank goodness. But I am, again, taking it easy.


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