Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Black & White

I forgot that it's easy for me to take pictures in black and white.

I don't think to, but I can. Take a photo with my tablet, put a filter on it, and boom, done. Except I don't think to do so. I honestly find the sort of filters you can get on Instagram and SnapChat (give yourself a flower crown! Turn your face into that of a cat's!) a little weird and off-putting. Color filters? I avoid those nowadays, too. (I have hang-ups, I guess.) But recently I've watched friends do a project on Facebook where, for seven days, they post black-and-white shots from their lives. The project has these guidelines: "Seven Days, Seven Photos. No People, No Explanation." I thought, Why not? and, beginning last Friday, started taking pictures, changing them to black and white, and sharing them on Facebook.

I wanted to preserve them here. Most, I think all, of the shots have the Tonal filter on them: I found that showed the most detail and kept from being too dark.

Friday, Nov. 10th

Saturday, Nov. 11th

Sunday, Nov. 12th

Monday, Nov. 13th

Tuesday, Nov. 14th

Wednesday, Nov. 15th

Thursday, Nov. 16th

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