Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"The way that you linger, the way that you lie..."

I may be on the tail end of this cold.

May be. Maybe. Finally. (Finally? Please be finally.)

This cold has been no joke. I'd relapsed after my active Monday and was feeling like crap Monday night, then like continued-and-even-crappier crap Tuesday morning. I'm better now. Comparatively speaking. Again, finally.

I've spent this week tired and bored, spraying Chloraseptic when I could and not needing to cough until, um, I needed to cough then I'd cough no matter what. But now the coughs are less frequent.

One small victory came yesterday. I wanted pizza, damnit, and one place to get cheap pizza in my neighborhood is the Little Caesar's at SE 52nd and Foster. Long walk, but nowhere near as long as many walks I go on. I got up there — stopping along the way to get hot chocolate at the Dutch Bros. Coffee near me — got the $5 combo (four-piece pizza and a 20-oz. drink) and crossed to the Carts On Foster food cart pod to eat. And I walked home.

The small victory is that I was just tired, not relapsing. I hadn't pushed myself too hard!

My voice is still husky, though, and probably not in a way that'd be sexy to anybody. OK. Still resting my voice, because I like mine and I look forward to it to being back...
Tags: peregrinations

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