Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Maybe posting this will be the thought equivalent of eating lots of fiber.

A Quick & Partial Explanation Of Why I Haven't Done A Poem In A While
by Christopher Walsh, 11/30/2017

Sometimes all you can be is obvious.
Sometimes, you're mentally stuck.
Your brain can't (or won't) work to reach more original thoughts,
As if your brain acts less strong than it is,
Or, perhaps, your mind needs rest.
Thoughts aren't always deep.
Deep thoughts might get undercut by other thoughts,
Because, someti(CHEESE TASTES GOOD)mes,
You're mentally stuck.
The same idea crawls forward, crawls backward, crawls forward, crawls backward,
Like a car unsuccessfully making a 43-point turn,
Because: stuck.
Yes, it does.
(Or: "Yep." Takes less energy to say that.)
It's a "sometimes" thing.
It's not an "all times" thing.
...I tell myself that.

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Tags: poetical

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