Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That Mythbusters thing I keep talking about (a post for Dad)

Hi, Dad.

I keep going on about that Discovery Channel show Mythbusters. To explain a bit of why I like it, here's a quick collection of links:

One of the hosts is sculptor Adam Savage, and it turns out he has a website -- a little out of date, as the TV page only mentions how he and his friend Jamie Hyneman was involved in the very first "demo" episodes, with a request that people tell Discovery if they like the shows. People did, and it's a few seasons along now. To quote him,
It's Jackass meets Mr. Science. And we're not just testing the myths, we're putting our bodies on the line to bring you the truth!
Savage has done clever work on movies, commercials, theaters, and miscellaneous models (like a scale model of the Titanic and replicas of cool movie props). If you ever hear me saying "I reject your reaity, and substitute my own," I'm most directly quoting Savage.

Of course, there's an official Mythbusters website.

Plus: Kari Byron. One of the builders. Is a geek-babe. I'm not the only guy who has a crush on her. ;-)

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