Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's bright out, at least. Photo post!

Today I did bus-aided walking. I walked for one errand, to drop off a bill at a nearby post office, and as I closed in on that post office I thought I'm in the mood to go farther. I delivered the bill, then crossed over to a bus stop and didn't have to wait too long for one to show up. I got off at the OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building, part of the newer hospital/school complex in South Waterfront south of the Marquam Bridge. It's a striking building in a striking spot, on the western end of the Tillikum Crossing, which carried Max light rail, Portland Streetcar, TriMet buses, and pedestrians across the Willamette. I've sometimes gone to the CLSB to visit, get online (public wifi), and taken pictures. Here are some.

But before I got there, I took this shot of a closed building on SE Foster Rd.

Later, I was here:

Tags: peregrinations, portland

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