Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"At least," he said ruefully, "I wasn't trying to get a job there..."

I honestly find this frustrating: my neighborhood Fred Meyer at SE 82nd and Foster will close next month. The news broke today, and Fred Meyer/Kroger confirmed it was closing, not remodeling (Fred Meyer has a long history of keeping stores open even during major and complicated remodels).

The store's 12 blocks from where I live, and is by far the most convenient supermarket to me. Almost any other would require a bus ride; the Powell Blvd. WinCo and the Woodstock New Seasons are probably the closest supermarkets, or maybe it's the Flavel St. Grocery Outlet. Maybe; I haven't made it a habit to shop there. It may turn out that the Hawthorne Freddy's, since it's also on the Rt. 14 bus, would be the supermarket most convenient to me after this.

(There's a Safeway on Woodstock, but I have had weird enough experiences with Safeways over the years that I'm wary of regularly shopping there. And I actively avoid Walmart, which is at Eastport Plaza at 82nd and Holgate.)

This will be inconvenient for me, and more inconvenient for lots of other people. How likely is a replacement store at that location? If so, how long would the site sit unused? It's an anchoring location for an anchor store, but soon my neighborhood won't have that anchor.

Obviously something will go up at that site. It's too major an intersection. (I very, very briefly thought Hey, Southeast Portland needs a larger library branch than the one at Holgate, maybe a new one could be built there... but that is unlikely to happen.) But I dislike the uncertainty this gives those of us who live here.
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