Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sweet tooth, engaged

While I deal with not having my car available (it needs work; I'll take care of that when I can), I can motivate myself to go visit my folks a certain way by thinking this: Dude, you can go the way that lets you stop at a doughnut shop.

The closest TriMet gets me to where my parents live is Sherwood, Oregon, about 20 miles from where I live. Sherwood's about 10 miles from my parents' place in Dundee, and easy trip for them to make to pick me up. Downtown Sherwood is also where a branch of Sesame Donuts is.

I like Sesame Donuts. Its original doughnut shop is a 24-hour place in SW Portland's Raleigh Hills neighborhood, near Beaverton, and a block away from the thrift store that good person Bobbie Winchell runs for Cat Adoption Team. I get over there when I can. And as someone who's been a night owl, even though I rarely keep the hours of a night owl nowadays, I feel good supporting 24-hour businesses such as that. The Sherwood Sesame Donuts isn't a 24-hour place, but that's not a good location for a 24-hour doughnut shop. But it is a good location for a doughnut shop.

Both heading out to Dundee on (Sunday) Christmas Eve and returning today (the 26th), I went to the doughnut shop on the way. On Sunday, Mom beat me to it and was sitting there, drinking coffee. Today, she drove me back to Sherwood and since we had half an hour until my bus to downtown Portland, we sat in Sesame Donuts again, talking family history.

Meanwhile: Hi, I'm home from family Christmas. It was quiet and low-key, which lately I've craved. And I feel relieved I avoided the (relatively) icy weather Portland's had since Sunday.

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