Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The first rest of the year

This New Year's Eve, I considered not staying up for midnight. Would rest and sleep be more important than being here when we went from 11:59:59 Pacific Time on 2017's last day to 12:00:00 Pacific Time on 2018's first? It was nice to remind myself I don't have to. That said, I stayed awake, and safely wrapped up in bed, until soon after midnight. The fireworks noise in my neighborhood certainly was a factor, but I hope that had I slept earlier, I could have slept through that noise.

But, luckily and happily, I began 2018 with getting a decent night's sleep.

Because I wanted to see if it would help, a couple of weeks ago I started wearing nasal strips when going to bed, to make sleeping me's breathing a little easier. It seems to be helping my sleep. One sign of that: my dreams have been more vivid. My first dream of 2018 involved going to a large mid-20th century hangar and seeing a show performed for World War II troops that took a disturbing, avant-garde turn. One performer in the show floated. Another performer was either actor Peter Capaldi or, perhaps, The Doctor from Doctor Who (whom Capaldi just finished playing). So apparently my mind was asleep enough to give its dreams real focus.

Now. 2018. We'll get used to that.

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