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The most me I've ever been

One time in the Nineties, I visited my parents at their home in a lovely, wooded part of Dundee, Oregon. (OK, most of Dundee, much of Yamhill County in fact, is lovely and wooded, but I'm setting the scene here.) The day was bright, sunny and warm, and I was feeling good and glad to be there. I went out on the deck and looked out over the backyard with its sloping lawn, the tall trees, the swing set, and the decorative bushes. I saw a bright object hanging in one of the trees nearby. Nice, I thought, a hummingbird feeder!

Then I realized it was a yellow jacket trap.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I'm reminding myself:

I never want to be the person who looks at a hummingbird feeder and thinks it's a yellow jacket trap.