Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Adventures in dreaming better

Nasal strips. Good idea.

(That is an unappetizing way to start a journal entry and I will never do that again.)

I've done something to help me sleep better lately: I've been using the nasal strips that pull open your nostrils to let more air through. Athletes use them during games, you've seen them. I started doing it because — I need to be honest about this — a few weeks ago I was sharing a hotel room and I snored so loudly that the other person in the hotel room had to wake me up to tell me I was being too loud.

I made another person's night unpleasant. Shoot.

And I wasn't sleeping as deeply as I should have been, either. But I still had some BreatheRight strips I'd gotten a while ago, when I'd had a cold, and started using them again. Then I stocked up on generic nasal strips — really generic, meaning that Kroger brand with the cartoon owls, a brand which debuted when I was a Kroger customer service rep so I got a tutorial on how generic the brand is — and have been using them.

One sign I've been sleeping more deeply: my dreams are even more vivid than usual.

Last night's dream involved people from three different franchises from three different movie studios even — The Fast and the Furious, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the DC Comics/The CW "Arrowverse" shows I like — doing a large-scale action sequence in SE Portland. At SE Foster and Powell at one point, it was that specific (another part of the sequence was being staged along railroad tracks). And I was watching it being made. Yondu was on a motorcycle.

The action sequence even had a soundtrack: the new song from The Killers called "The Man."

My dreams have biiiiiiiiiig budgets.

(Now watch my subconscious react to me posting this by making my dreams sudden be completely non-vivid again...)
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