Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'm so good at confusing myself, imagine how I could confuse YOU

Look up upcoming book I've pre-ordered. Don't see the info showing I'd pre-ordered it. Think "Why isn't it there? I should check in at the main Powell's Books to see if I did something wrong." Realize I'd been looking at the book page on Amazon, not Powells Dot Com.

I'm smrt.

At least I've been out and about, using the bus pass (a day pass in this case): time at the diner My Father's Place on SE Grand, bussing up to and visiting the county library branch on NW 23rd, walking in that area (near where I used to work, circa 2012) and happily finding that the hobbit hole-like coffee shop Coffee Time is still open — it had been closed briefly, recently — peaking into Cinema 21 and noting that I want to get back to it (I haven't seen a film there since it expanded from one screen to three), and now bussing over to the downtown library to have some more time online.
Tags: books, peregrinations

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