Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An NFL post

So close, Jacksonville Jaguars. So close.

Until, that is, the Patriots came back in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship game, after a really strong Jackaonville performance (defensive and offensive). Two more scores in less than 10 minutes was all the Pats needed. At one point a possible Jaguars win hinged on them pulling off a 4th and 14, which would have been kind of beautiful but...oh, well. Jacksonville making it to the Super Bowl would've been nice, especially for the one Jaguars fan I know, but again, oh well.

When the Vikings-Eagles NFC championship game was waiting to happen and Pats-Jaguars was still happening, I was planning to pull for Philadelphia, but once New England clinched it I changed my rooting interest in Vikings-Eagles to "as well-played a game as they can play." (I do get superstitious about sports rooting; did my rooting for Jacksonville this time doom them? Thoughts like that.) The NFC game was at first almost well-behaved: low on penalties, relatively cleanly played (no stumbles or fumbles), but soon the Eagles were pulling away; this game really was decided by halftime, to be honest. So I didn't get what I want then, either, but hey, it's sports: sports helps you learn to with disappointment and/or pain.

I have friends in, and connections to, Philadelphia, and I do not like the Pats (like fellow LJer George R.R. Martin!), so I'm glad to root for the Eagles in the Super Bowl. That the Eagles no longer have the dog abuser Michael Vick makes this easier; when Vick was on the team, I did my best not to watch the Eagles at all. The two teams I'd been most rooting for this season didn't make it, the Seattle Seahawks and (really) the Oakland Raiders. I want the Raiders to have at least one more great season in Oakland before they move to Las Vegas (a move I still think is weird and ill-advised); I'll hope next season is a great one.

The Super Bowl is still spectacle, and I'll watch it for that. It's not Seahawks-Raiders this year, but next year...
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