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All about timing

I don't write enough in the morning.

This doesn't count.

Lately, like this past month or so, I've written most of my blog entries at night or in the evening, only sometimes in the afternoon, and almost never early in the day. This hasn't been true for most of the time I've kept a blog. Would my writing come out differently early? If I were blogging, or writing a poem, in the morning instead of late? Would it turn out to be a better time for me to write, or would I find that no, my writing really is better if I do it in other parts of the day?

All writers figure out the Better, Good, and Not As Good times for them to write. Plenty of them focus on new writing in the mornings; plenty flat-out turn off Internet access (or at least access to, say, news, Facebook and Twitter) while they get x number of words or x number of pages done before looking out at the rest of the world. It's a job, and we look for the best ways to do it.

Maybe it'll turn out that I shouldn't write in the morning. Or maybe it'll turn out I should. BUT I AM REMINDED I CAN.