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A brief, basic check-in.

I'm here.

I continue to be here.

Here on this blog (since 2004), here in Portland (since 2001), here in Oregon (since 1992), here on this planet (since 1973). And the stardust that make me up have been around for much, much, much, much longer, though I can't really take any credit for that.

Whoa, that got cosmic.

It remains a quiet time, for me here. I still don't do much. Life, currently, is circumscribed: a small sphere of relatively few possibilities, until I have the funds to function more widely.

More will happen. Getting paid again, being more productive, contributing more to others: this will happen. It will.

It will.

Meanwhile: I'm still here.

...there. A February 1st entry. Later I'll see if I blog every day this month, too.