Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fly, Eagles, Fly!: Super Bowl LII

There was a non-zero chance that Super Bowl LII could have been the first-ever Super Bowl with overtime.

On the New England Patriots' final possession, they were down 41-33 and deep in their own territory, but with a chance against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tom Brady of the Pats got a pass off to the Eagles' end zone, but too late and it was incomplete. Had he both thrown it a few seconds earlier and had the throw connected, the Pats could have gotten a touchdown at :02 or :03 before the end and, with a 41-39 score, then gone for a 2-point conversion — a harder way to score than it looks, but possible — and voilà! OT.

But not this time. And I was rooting for the Eagles, so: yes! This was satisfying. And surprisingly close, with some misses (shanked field goals, the Eagles not getting their own 2-point conversion). Maybe in this Parity Era of the NFL, where (for instance) the Jacksonville Jaguars have a fighting chance, we're less likely to have Super Bowl blowouts the way they seemed to happen more in the Seventies and Eighties. That said, I had a lot of nervous energy which I dissipated somewhat by taking a walk for a little less than an hour last night.

Now I'm looking forward to what George R.R. Martin blogs about this Super Bowl. He's a New York Giants-New York Jets fan, so he had less of a dog in this particular fight, but as he once named a character after Pats Coach Bill Belichick, GRRM probably feels good about this!
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