Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dedicated to today's wintry weather

Snow is Mother Nature's dandruff.
It flakes, it falls, it hits the ground
And either sticks or melts.
Or sticks, waits, then eventually melts.
That makes it better than dandruff.

...hi. Winter is making another gasp in Portland today. I kind of hope it's winter's last gasp, because I am definitely ready for warm weather. And I'm unlikely to travel anytime soon to go anywhere warmer, so wanting the warmer weather to reach me is an easier solution.

Today's weather was snow: thicker outside of, around, and in the upper elevations of Portland, only slight here in Foster-Powell. We got a white-ish dusting here earlier, which melted. What happens tonight might be another story, so we'll see.

..."Mother Nature's dandruff" sound like a Tom Waits line.
Tags: portland

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