Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Friend Trek!

I should ask Alicia if that's the most she's walked in years. Actually, probably not; her boyfriend Larry has helped her get more active, and I'm glad to see her getting around and about a lot more.

The three of us rendezvoused in downtown yesterday afternoon (they were up for a family event in Hillsboro), and we proceeded to cover lots of ground (much of it in Powell's!) for the next four-plus hours. It was maybe Alicia's third time in Powell's ever -- I'd gone with her the (would've been) previous time -- and the both of them made some very judicious purchases, both at the original store and at Powell's Technical Books two blocks over. In other words, they didn't buy the whole store, as they might've wanted.

Pizzicato Pizza followed for early dinner (slices of Mediterranean, with a hummus base plus feta and other nice things), then we got on the Max to Washington Park. We saw part of the meditation garden at Portland's Vietnam Memorial, then returned to the Max station, where they headed to a previous engagement in Hillsboro and I ran errands in Northwest before heading home.

I also found out that Larry's gotten Alicia into both Office Space and Futurama. This is good. Alicia laughing is of The Good.
Tags: books, peregrinations, portland

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