Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This entry has some truth.

I make fun of U2. I like them, I listen to them, I have six of their albums, but I kind of feel it's good to keep a sense of humor about them, because it's not always clear the guys in the band do.

I'm far from the first to do so: The Ben Stiller Show did, like this time:

To be funny, in my way, I've imagined U2 songs redone by Randy Newman. He'd change "Beautiful Day" from "It's a beautiful day/ Don't let it get away" to "It was a beautiful day/ You let it get away." Okay. That was too easy.

But I want to give props. U2 did the song "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of." I honestly wish I liked the song more. But the melody is not all that interesting to my ear, the way a Weezer melody isn't interesting to me — especially since Bono sings how "I'm just trying to find a decent melody..." — and the lyrics, overall, seem overly obvious.

But it has this truth that's worth saying:

"You can never get enough of what you don't really need..."

That needs to be heard.

This might be only the second time I've blogged about U2.

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