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A slice of amusement

With the hope to help yendi have some needed amusement, I offer this radio commercial:
HUSBAND (in a basement, working on something and talking to himself): Aaaaand we’ve got a little chimney…
WIFE (calling from upstairs): Honey, what’s that smell?
HUSBAND: Oh, uh, I don’t know, sweetie. (again to himself) Mmmmaybe I should do a sliding garage door…
WIFE: WHAT are you doing?
HUSBAND: Oh, I’m making a gingerbread house.
WIFE: Out of meat.
HUSBAND: Yeah. The front and back are made of flank steaks, and the roof I’m tiling with ham and salami…
WIFE: Uh, yeah.
HUSBAND: It won’t hold its shape, though; I think I need to use fresher meat.
WIFE (after a pause): Honey, that’s just gross.
HUSBAND (chuckles): Yeah.
The slogan is “Start a new holiday tradition.”
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