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To think of future blog posts

Just as there are certain things I don't want to do until I'm working again, there are certain thoughts I don't want to share until I'm working again.

Quite a few of my recent ideas for blog posts have made me pause and think No, not yet; wait to say that. Partly I'm being a little superstitious — would it be bad luck to share that thought now? — and partly I know I'd have more to say after I'm working again, because doing stuff leads to thinking about stuff, and leads to being in different circumstances that might make me think of what I otherwise wouldn't have thought of. But I need to be honest about my being superstitious. I've been that too often.

There's a difference between being a careful blogger, which I've always been, and being too careful. I'm paying attention to how I might, right now, be too careful.

I'll have more to say. Later. Soon, I hope.