Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'm just a cell-less guy

Breaking things. No, sir, I don't like it.

I broke my cell phone Thursday. -_-

(Yes, I may use emoticons in this blog. I doubt I'll regularly use emojis here, though. Anyway.)

This is frustrating. It was purely dumb negligence by me: I was getting up, I put it on top of a book I was carrying, it slid off, WHACK on the wood floor...and it does nothing now. (Yes, I put the battery back in. It's well-designed so that it can only go in one way. That's not the problem.)

A friend who has worked with cell phones offered to check it out, see if it could be made to work again, but I'm going to get a replacement. My cell phone is (was) so old it connected to a cell network that's eventually not even going to work anymore. I've known this for over a year; I got to thinking that I'd get the phone fixed then get notice THE NEXT DAY "Oh yeah, that network shutdown we mentioned? Tomorrow. Sorry. Bye." So, upgrade time. Slight upgrade. I don't need that smart a smart phone.*

And not having a working cell phone since Thursday showed me that, currently, I mainly use that phone to check the time, check bus times, write draft tweets, and text a handful of people. But I will also, y'know, NEED TO BE ABLE TO GET PHONE CALLS FROM POSSIBLE EMPLOYERS, so...I hope I choose a good phone!

* Fun With Phones: Years ago I was at a party with then-radio host Rick Emerson (he went into podcasting for a while after his radio station fired him, and now Portland), and I knew that Rick's about as knowledgeable about phone technology as me, i.e. not at all. We were watching someone demonstrate their new cell phone, which had a small fold-out keyboard, and I said to Rick, as eagerly and "knowledgeably" as I could, "And when the keyboard folds out, it makes a Transformers sound." "See," said Rick, "I don't even know if you're fucking with me."

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