January 28th, 2005

Whale fluke

Our quest is at an end

‘Twould have been sweet, indeed, indeed, had I won the $1,800 in entertainment equipment – TV and DVD player and speakers and more – that was the final prize in the IFC Film Fanatic trivia contest.

I didn’t win, but I did get to hold the box of entries. Perhaps inspired by reading Peter David’s Knight Life, where Arthur returns to the world and runs for mayor of New York, I went down on one knee and presented the box to host Julie Macalister, in my best at-last-here’s-the-Grail style. The winner of the event’s uber-prize was Sean, the short-Daniel Day Lewis-looking guy who beat critic David Walker two weeks ago, and who has been my strongest rival throughout this string of contests. (One night, I was the only one who beat him, and that was on a night when he kept scoring 1400 to 1800 points a match.)

We even had drama: a contestant got huffy and left after a match’s first question, insisting something was wrong with his buzzer. I won using that buzzer, so, um, no, it was fine. But most of the contestants and I had good discussion of life, the universe, and everything – including movies, of course. Cool.

And it might lead to more coolness. Details to follow once I know a certain something will actually happen.
Whale fluke

OK, *now* I'll stop teasing y'all

Here are the heretofore unguessed movie quotes from two weeks ago:

1. “What did I get that I couldn’t get from any guy with no name any day of the week?” -- Mercedes Ruehl rants to Jeff Bridges in The Fisher King

2. “Well, then I guess I am telling you what you want to hear.” -- Nicolas Cage in front of the parole board in Raising Arizona

5. “Do you have any famous last words?” “Not yet.” -- The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

6. “An unexpected gift…at an unexpected time.” -- Sean Connery gives advice in Finding Forrester

8. “And it is the humble opinion of this narrator that these things don’t just happen.” -- from the opening of Magnolia

9. “Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – I’m in the mood for a woman with a horse.” -- Jason Lee in Chasing Amy