April 2nd, 2005

Whale fluke

Dodging a Cosmic Bullet

May your soul reach a good place, John Paul II. And, karmically speaking, it is probably for the best that you survived April Fool’s Day; passing away yesterday would have seemed far too much like a cosmic joke at your expense.
Whale fluke

Okay, Moving On!

Still healthy. Welcoming warmer weather. Didn’t need my big coat today for errands. This morning, I even wore shorts, when I went on an hour-long walk. And that wasn’t my only exertion today, because I have gut. Not guts, gut. I’m doing sit-ups again to counter that, because I’m not about to stop eating…

Apparently tomorrow a house will go by my street. I live a block off of Milwaukie Ave., which was being cleared today for a house move (as signs on white-and-orange traffic barrels say). Might be worth photos…

Fun with over-sincere songs: The band Three Doors Down have a new song with the line “In this world, there’s real and make-believe.” I hear it, I think they’re singing “In this world they really have Maybelline.”

Okay, that’s enough randomosity.