May 15th, 2005

Whale fluke

Pennies from Heaven? Sous soaked on a sidewalk?

(This message brought to you by the Full – well, Full-ish – Disclosure portion of I Me Mine:)

Dollars. On a sidewalk. Really.

This morning, early, I was walking in the drizzle to find an open store to buy a paper and fresh milk, and what do I see but a handful of paper money – more than $10, less than $20 – on the sidewalk. No one was out; the houses nearby were closed and dark. The only other artificial thing I found near it was a week-old TriMet all-zone ticket, on the grass. (My hunch? The ticket’s unrelated.) No other possible identifiers – no wallet, no ID – to let you know who’d had that money before.

The money is now drying in my place.

I actually feel a little weird about this. Does this count as ill-gotten gain? The part of me that (I hope) would return someone’s wallet – not that I’ve ever been in that position – told me to look for signs of who it belonged to. I did. Whether I looked all that hard is debatable. But another part of me said “It’s too easy for someone to lie about this, to say ‘Yeah! I dropped that!’ ” Yet another part of me thought, “Do I look like I’m stealing?” (Yes I do indeed think thoughts like that.) Finally, I placed it in my backpack, and continued walking, and did my errand.

I’d be a lousy crook. ;-)
Whale fluke

Critic time!

So tonight I’m asking the Fred Meyer cashier guy, what are the least busy times at the store? He says Wednesday is the quietest, “then Friday, all Hell breaks loose. It becomes like a Michael Bay film: messy and disorganized.”

Even with my soft spot for The Rock, I still chuckled.