July 7th, 2005

Whale fluke


One of the good places has been hurt.

I won't try to say anything more profound, but here's one more on-record show of sympathy for those killed or injured in this morning's bombings.

Think good thoughts for London...Think good thoughts for London...

EDITED TO ADD: As another LJ'er has said, "London is a tough old town, and will bounce back [from this attack] just fine."

In the midst of this, it makes me smile that it would still take far, far more than this to cause (in the words of Morrissey and the Smiths) "Panic on the streets of London..."
Whale fluke

Google Probes the Depths

So it's been the sort of day where I look for reasons to laugh, and robyn_ma, who rocks, understood this and provided this link to goofy cats, and in that spirit...

...thanks to Searching By Google, you might laugh at Pulp Fiction by Dr. Seuss:

I would not eat Royale with Cheese,
So do not even ask me, please.
I won't eat fries with mayonnaise,
I would not touch them anyways.
I would not drink a five-dollar shake,
'Cause it gives me a tummy-ache.
If I snort some uncut smack,
Blood and mucus I will yak.
"Why don't you eat some pork?" you whine,
It's just 'cause I don't dig on swine.
Would you could you with a shrimp?
Would you could you with the Gimp?
I would not do so, but instead,
I think I'll blow off Marvin's head.