August 2nd, 2005

Whale fluke

Why I'm home today

Moments like this call for finding understanding and context by using the words of great sages. So to quote Beavis, “Fire! Fire! Fire!”

There was a contained fire in the basement of my office building this morning. The Outpatients Clinic where I work is normally a 24/7 operation, but it closed to deal with the damage. I learned of this after taking the bus up the hill, as normal, and saw crowds in the walkway and turnaround between the OPC and the main hospital. My officemate Shawn had been roped into the duty of repeatedly proclaiming “The OPC Building is closed” and (presumably, since he’s a big, solid guy) tackling anyone who tried to enter. Many workers hung out. I ate the perishable parts of my bag lunch. Finally the Powers That Be passed along word that power would be out for several hours, so go home if you can. I could. I walked off the hill, using sky-bridges and pipe-lined tunnels I had never been through, thinking “Cool.” OHSU really has a neat campus.

Tomorrow I find out what damage we had. It’ll probably smell in our first-floor office, and we’ll likely open all the windows that we actually can open.

But neatness awaited me at home: a book I ordered by Poppy Z. Brite (that’s docbrite to you!) finally arrived. And it’s nice out, and my home windows are open. Now to figure out the rest of the day…
Whale fluke

(no subject)

E-mail! It's working again!

Long story short: starting several days ago my e-mail account refused to send e-mails, though it could receive just fine. So today I'm home and have a chance to fix it, or at least call tech support to try to fix it, but I try sending a test e-mail to myself and *Poof* it sends! Receives, too.

Here's hoping it keeps working...