August 10th, 2005

Whale fluke

My good news:

Starting Monday, I switch from temp to perm. I’ll join Spheris/ HealthScribe, the medical transcription company that types up the many, many, many doctors’ reports that get dictated at OHSU. I’ll do what I’ve been doing since November, but more of it: I’ll have more responsibilities, and more hours. 40, to be exact (I’ve been at 32 hours a week since February, and I started at 20 hours a week).

I also get a bump in my salary that’s certainly not big by Bill Gates standards, but still makes this the most per hour I’ve yet earned. And, unlike the allegedly 40-hour weeks I had at the Hermiston Herald (because small-town newspaper work is almost by definition more-than-full-time), this actually will be 40 hours a week. Like my classified-job brother, I can leave the work, y’know, at work.

It’s been a lot of work and patience, getting to this point. I‘ve earned this.