August 20th, 2005

Whale fluke

BABY! Baby! Babybabybabybaby...

The great news arrived.

My cousin Rob Paulsen and his wife Birgitte Iverson-Paulsen now have a second child. A daughter, finally making 5-year-old Markus a big brother.

Reports my mom, "She weighed in at over 8 lbs. and has dark hair with reddish highlights."

This is beautiful. Kick-ass beautiful. I won't get into details (you don't want to know. Seriously. You Don't. Want. To Know.), but Rob and Birgitte have had such a hard time having children. And now they have two.

These are two of my favorite people in the world, and they were meant to be parents, I really believe that, and I'm happy for them and proud of them and I'm still marveling at how so thin a woman as Birgitte can hold one of them little people inside her.

Holy crap, I'm jazzed. I rarely drink, so I'll raise my Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea in a toast to the Paulsen-Iverson family, now (I hope) getting some much-needed rest.