August 29th, 2005

Whale fluke

Hemingway rain

I'm preoccupied. Two e-acquaintances of mine are part of the evacuation of the Gulf Coast. Both, Aonie de Sade (aoniedesade) of Mississippi and Poppy Z. Brite (docbrite) of New Orleans, are well inland and safe, and reports are that the worst of the weather is over for the coast. But they and their loved ones are now in uncertain conditions, and I'm sharing a tiny share of their uncertainty.

Poppy and her husband Chris had to leave animals behind. That's what's really getting me -- and what's really getting Poppy. They care for 28 pets, mainly cats, some (in her words) "uncatchably feral." When Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane, Poppy and Chris had vowed to stay with their pets; the strengthing storm changed that. They brought with them (on an exhausting eight-hour road trip last night) their one dog and a cat that needs daily medication. And no one can know yet when Poppy and Chris can return, or what conditions they'll face, or what their pets will face.

I'm getting maudlin. I know. I was leaving work this afternoon and saw rainclouds, and thought to myself "Yeah: Rain starts to fall, like in a Hemingway novel." It reflects the mood. But I'm trying to send good thoughts to them, and hope the worst hasn't happened.

Send them any good thoughts you can. The Red Cross, you already know, is out there and getting ready to help: Here's a link to a Red Cross donation page (thank you, greygirlbeast).

Be safe.

Edited to Add, 7:34 p.m.: The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund is $50 better funded now. It's what I could spare.