September 5th, 2005

Whale fluke

Talkin' 'Bout Walkin'

Let myself drive yesterday and today. Sunday: got groceries. Today involved a Great Circle Route of errands: Zupan’s for a cooking spice for the folks, Fred Meyer to drop off an order for photo reprints, the home where my mom’s mom Dorothy lives to see her and to drop up stuff for Mom to pick up later this week, then food at Taco Bell (I was weak, okay???!!! I mean, er, yeah) and picking up the aforementioned reprints at Freddy’s.

I walked much Saturday, plus a good amount Sunday. I made it to OBT Exposed!, by the way, walking all the way from home to downtown via the Hawthorne Bridge. That was two miles, plus general downtown-y wandering until I took a bus home. And I happily watched the Oregon Ballet Theatre dancers, who were clearly enjoying themselves: yes, ballet dancers smile, stereotypes to the contrary. My walking accomplishment on Sunday was walking up Pill Hill to OHSU, where I worked for a few hours, cleaned my office space, and booked my tickets to Reno for my cousin Steph’s wedding next month. I’ll experience the Bus of the Skies known as Southwest Airlines. Wish me luck.

And after all that footin’ around, I walked almost not at all today. Bitch-slap me, please? Shake me and say, “You need exercise, man!!!” After all: Calories are cheaper than gas.
Whale fluke

Pre-Bed Thoughts

From The Department Of Fuller Disclosure Department: Today I actually choked up at a line on the last page of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a line about being happily surprised that a wedding's still going on after bad, bad things happen. And you know, I read yesterday about the delayed wedding for a couple forced out of New Orleans. My first great post-Sept. 11th memory was going to a wedding the following Saturday. And I’ve been “a wedding junkie” (my phrase) since ’99.

I guess I’ll make this a general shout-out to Good Things Happening. Keep happening, could ya?