October 11th, 2005

Whale fluke

Way Too F'in Early

Yeah, I'm awake. Have been since an hour or so ago. Don't know why. Am I coherent enough to make an entry? We shall see!

I saw another impressive "Story Time For Adults" last night: David Loftus read stories about the Jewish experience in honor of Rosh Hashanah, ranging from a funny one about a Jewish department store Santa to a wrenching one about Israeli soldiers preparing for battle. As a bonus, Loftus and I were also able to turn an audience member onto Harlan Ellison. Hope she likes his stuff.

I also got back some good pictures I took at Neil Gaiman's signing. I wasn't sure how well they'd turn out, as I was using an automatic-focus camera inside a dark church and the camera kept not taking pictures, but several turned out well. Some even came out funny.

It took a while to actually pay for them: I used the U-Scan to try and buy the one item, but it took the combined efforts of me and a cashier to make the system let me pay for it. "Remember," I reassured him during the rigamarole, "it's the machine that's dumb, not us." Now I know how to work it next time. The U-Scan won't defeat me again!
Whale fluke

As docbrite or greygirlbeast would say...


I know I got some hours of sleep since 10 p.m. last night because of the dreams I had. Main one: I'm cleaning up my stuff in a city that's just been attacked by, like, Godzilla or something big and monster-like. Giant metal things damaged, pulverized, sliced apart, half-eaten...

Oh man, turn on a camera inside my mind and you'll see things you people wouldn't believe...