October 12th, 2005

Whale fluke

The journey begins...

Family is converging. My parents have started their road trip through Oregon and California, headed for South Lake Tahoe and the wedding. Tonight they hope to get as far as Weed. (Huh huh, huh huh. Weed.) Two of my aunts fly into Reno sometime today. I'll leave Portland midday Friday, and ride with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill to the place. Then there will be barbecue, then there will be rest, then (Saturday) there will be wedding-ness.
Whale fluke

Transcripts are fun

Because it amuses me, and because it’ll probably amuse leonardpart6, I present the moment I fell in love with Lauren Graham:

[Commercial for her short-lived 2000 show “M.Y.O.B." (Mind Your Own Business)”: white set. Graham stands next to young co-star Katherine Towne.]

Towne: Hi. Watch “M.Y.O.B.” and at one point I will be fully frontally nude.
Graham: No. That’s. Um. Kidding. Actually, she plays an orphan, I’m her aunt…
Towne: …and we’re stalked by a serial killer.
Graham: Nnnnnoooo… She’s searching for her birth mother.
Towne: Gawh! You are so bad at publicity!
Graham: Well, we can’t lie! (pause) …can we?

[title “M.Y.O.B.” fills the screen. Then we cut back to Towne and Graham:]

Graham [smiling tightly]: Watch it and you too could be a millionaire.

[Towne looks at her, jaw agape]